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Jonathan and Christina's Testimonies

Jonathan Testimony


I was saved on 12/25/1977 At Bible Baptist Church Folkston Ga. My Dad led me to Christ.Short time after that we went to the mission field. I was there for 4 years.I talked my dad into letting me finish high school back in the USA.

While I was at this school I left the fellowship of THE LORD.

I was at the school for 4 years playing the game knowing what to say when to say it, how to act when it was time act a certain way.


Since I left the fellowship of THE LORD after I left the school it was easier not to go church and do what I wanted. Every time I did what I knew I was not suppose to do in my heart and mind I knew it was wrong. 

I knew I was called to preach at a young age but I wanted no part of it.I had things I wanted to do and what I wanted to do preaching did not fit.Just like Jonah I went down and I paid the fair. (For when we are in doing what THE LORD wants us to do he will take care of us.)


I went to church a few times and felt THE LORD dealing with me to repent but I still did not want to do what I know I was called to do. I took a job in California there God gave me my wife.My wife knew that I was called to preach she said you she could just tell when she was around me and some of our talks that we had.

She wanted to go to Church on Sundays and Wednesdays but did not know how to find a church that preached the BIBLE. I told her I knew how to find one.So we started looking and trying churches none that we tried preached the King James I kept telling her that is not what my BIBLE says I have a KING JAMES and what the man who was talking and reading from was far from what the KING JAMES says.We married in Sep of 08 came back to the east coast in Nov.

started going to a KING JAMES church where every time the preacher would preach he was pricking my heart.


God gave me a job in Myrtle Beach , Sc I saw a sign on a church that said revival  I did not know who was preaching but I went. I never shall forget the date march 29 , 2009.

I rededicated my life to Christ and surrendered to preach.God has been after me a long long time and I did not want to give in.God has been after me a long long time and I did not want to give The more Bro.Collins preached the more God dealt with me.I still did not want surrender, Then Bro.Collins said something else. God will only deal with you for a time.During the invitation Bro Collins said there was someone here thats needs to get things right with God

I knew he was talking about me. Even during the invitation I still did not want to go.

It was not till the service was over that I got with Bro.Collins and told him that God was after me and has been for years and that I was backsliden from GodI knew that if I left the church that night.I would never have to the chance to make things right between me and God.I also told him that If I left the church without making it right with God. 

I would never have another chance to make it right.

With tears coming down I got on my knees and ask God to forgive me and I made things right with him and got it all under the Blood and I rededicated my life and to want to serve him.God has called me to Haiti to help and to be a help to my dad. Just like I know I am saved and called to preach God has called me to Haiti. 



Bro. Jonathan Wall

1Cor 15:34


Christina's Testimony

My testimony is different than most. I was not born into a christian home. My parents never took us to church they wanted us to choose our religion on our own. When I was 16 years old there were a group of people on visitation visiting in my neighbor and they were handing out flyers and inviting us to there church and they even had a bus that could pick us up. So that sunday I went to church with my sister and my younger brother. The people were so friendly and  the youth group was great! The more and more I went the more I learned and the more The Lord was working on my heart. A couple of monthes went by and I was under Holy Ghost conviction went and talked with my youth group teacher and got SAVED!!! Shortly after I was baptized. I was and still am so excited for the Lord. I knew when I met Jonathan the Lord has somthing special planned. I knew we were going to Haiti I was just waiting on Jonathan to tell me when. We got married on Sept 20, 2008. Jonathan had been running from the Lord for a lond time and on March 29th, 2009 he stopped running and with tears comming down his face he came to me and said honey were going to Haiti. Shortly after we joined our home church Friendship Baptist Church. We went on our survey trip Sept 2009 and The Lord broke my heart for the kids. There is so much to teach them about the Lord. If we can teach and reach the kids Haiti might just have a chance. I also have a burden to continue the medical clinic with Jonathan's Mom. I am so excited.


Christina Wall










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